For more than 40 years, ECS has worked with parents, pastors, and community leaders to provide an exemplary, Christ-centered education and meet the needs of students and families throughout the tri-state area. As a private school, ECS is funded primarily through tuition and fee payments with some support through tax-deductible donations. The majority of our income (approximately 80%) is used to compensate teachers and staff.

Tuition is an investment in your child’s future. At ECS, you are providing them with the knowledge, skills, and values that will enable them to excel in high school, college, and life. Our School Board attempts to set tuition at a level that provides the funds needed to continue our tradition of excellence balanced with making tuition affordable. Our Tuition and Fee schedule is available by clicking below (be sure to select the appropriate year):

2017-2018 Tuition & Fee Schedule (Next Year)

2016-2017 Tuition & Fee Schedule (Current Year)

For freshman classes in 16/17 AND 17/18, the tuition and fees for all four high school years will be the same as the 8th grade rates.  This is a special tuition rate for our first two high school classes.

Tuition Assistance, Vouchers, & School Choice Opportunities

Deadlines apply – ECS is a participant in the Indiana School Choice programs, including vouchers and special opportunities for kindergarten students.  In addition, ECS administers a tuition assistance program primarily for families who do not qualify for the State programs.  These programs work together to provide families with a choice for the best school to meet their needs and support their values.  We encourage all families with potential financial needs to inquire about the programs.  Contract the school office for current information and applications.

For information on affordability options, click here.