You have researched cribs, car seats, doctors, and pre-schools.  Now its time to choose a school for your child – a critical step that will influence the rest of your child’s life.  Fortunately, you have many choices including public, private, parochial, Christian, and home school.

It is your right and responsibility to consider the options and select the most appropriate school for your child – a school that will help your child reach his/her potential and excel academically, socially, physically, and emotionally.  It’s an investment in their future!

Every family has different priorities and every child has different needs.  It is essential that you determine your particular goals and needs before you can find the right school.  Education will affect how your child sees the world, treats others, and views their life.

Years from now, your child probably will not remember much detail about what their teachers taught, but they will remember who their teachers were.  They will remember their teachers’ guidance, concern, and love.  A part of each teacher will be transferred to your child(ren) permanently.

We invite you to explore this site, visit our school, observe classes, ask questions – to make an informed decision.  We would also be happy to give you names of current parents to contact regarding our school.  Discover the ECS difference!

Why Parents Enroll their Children at ECS

●   Quality academics; academic excellence
●   Christian environment; Biblical integration
●   Morals taught; values consistent with home
●   Outstanding ISTEP and other test scores
●   Small classes; individual attention
●   Quality/commitment of teachers; excellent role models
●   Phonics-based reading program
●   Parent involvement
●   Results we have seen in other ECS students/graduates

To download a brochure on choosing a school, including questions to ask when visiting, click here.