1.   What is your enrollment?

775+ students in PS-10th grade for the 17/18 school year (we are adding a high school grade each year).

2.   Where are you located?

At multiple campuses throughout the area in partnership with churches, including East (PK-5) inside Bethel Church, North (K-2) inside Christian Fellowship Church), Cullen (6-7) inside First Southern Baptist Church), and Crossroads (Preschool & PK) inside Crossroads Christian Church.

Our new freestanding campus/ facility, located at 4401 Epworth Road, will open for the 17-18 school year and will house our 8th-10th grade students.  Our soccer fields are located at our new Epworth Campus, which is near Crossroads Christian Church.

3.   What is your average class size?

Our PK-8th grade average class size is about 18 students.  In kindergarten, each class has a maximum of 22 students with a licensed teacher and a full-time assistant.

4.   Are you accredited?

ECS is fully accredited by the State of Indiana, the Association of Christian Schools International (ACSI), and AdvancED.

5.   What credentials do your teachers have?

All teachers are licensed by the State of Indiana and ACSI, and teach only in their licensed area.  In addition, all teachers are required to be a Christian, complete ACSI’s Philosophy of Christian Education course, and fulfill other requirements.  All of our teachers are considered “highly qualified” by the State of IN, average ten year’s experience, and about half have master’s degrees.

6.   What are your admission requirements?

We admit students who agree to abide by our attendance, conduct, academics, and financial requirements provided we can meet the student’s needs and the family supports our mission.  We meet with all new families as part of the admissions process.  Further, for students entering ECS in grades beyond kindergarten, the admissions committee reviews the student’s grades, attendance records, test scores, and other information.

7.   What curriculum do you use?

ECS’ curriculum is aligned with and exceeds Indiana’s College and Career-Ready Standards integrated with Biblical principles, using textbooks and materials from both secular and Christian publishers.  In addition to traditional courses, our curriculum includes Bible, phonics-based reading, Daily 5/Café literacy model, Write Traits, Accelerated Reader, inquiry-based science, computer, art, speech & debate, music, band, physical education, media/library, and Spanish.  Technology is an integral part of our educational program, including a 1-to-1, BYOD format beginning in 6th grade, and is used to facilitate communication with parents.

For high school, we offer Core 40 and Academic Honors diplomas in accord with the requirements from IDOE through regular, honors, and AP courses.

8.   How do your test scores compare with other schools?

Our students consistently achieve high ISTEP, IREAD, MAP Assessments, and other external test scores. In fact, our school is an A-rated, Four-Star School per the IN Dept. of Education and considered a “high achievement/high growth” school.  Every year, essentially 100% of our students pass the IREAD (3rd grade) assessment.

9.   Is financial aid available?

ECS is a participant in the Indiana School Choice programs, including vouchers and special opportunities for kindergarten students.  In addition, ECS administers a tuition assistance program primarily for families who do not qualify for the State programs.

10.  How much “religion” is taught?

In addition to daily Bible classes, all subjects are taught from a Biblical worldview.  Further, students have a daily prayer/devotion time, memorize scripture, attend chapel, interact with missionaries, and participate in service projects.

11.  What sports do you offer?

K-4th grade students may participate in soccer, basketball, and wrestling (boys).  5th-8th grade athletics include soccer, basketball, volleyball (girls), tennis, cross-country, wrestling (boys), cheerleading (girls), and track & field.  We partner with a number of area churches for athletic facilities, including gyms and our soccer fields are located at our Epworth Campus.

12.  What other extra-curricular activities are offered?

Extra-curricular activities include student leadership team, musicals, choir, ensembles, Praise Team, ISSMA, spelling bee, Drama, STEM, archery, Spanish, Art, Chess, and Bible studies.

13.   Are parents involved in the school?

ECS has an active Parent-Teacher Fellowship (PTF) which involves parents, encourages fellowship, and raises funds.  Many parents volunteer, assist teachers, go on field trips, etc.  We also have an on-line school management system which gives parents 24/7 access to information.

14.   What is your dress code?

We do not wear uniforms; however, the students do follow a dress code.  Written information is available in the family handbook.

 15.   Do you offer before and after school care (BASC)?

Yes – Before and After School Care is available at our East Campus for PK-8th grade.  Students from our North, Cullen, and Epworth (8th grade) campuses may ride the bus to/from our East Campus for BASC.  It is also available at our Crossroads Campus for students attending that campus.

16.   Do you offer any summer programs?

We offer an activity-based summer day camp (incoming K-8th grade) at our East Campus and a summer Ready-for-Reading program at several locations.  Both are open to the public.

 17.   What other services are available?

ECS has multiple Special Education/resource teachers on staff, as well as trained health coordinators at each location.  Nutritious lunches may be purchased daily.  Bus service is available among our campuses.

18.   Are you affiliated with a church?

ECS works in partnership with area churches.  ECS is not affiliated with a particular church; however, we share facilities with several churches.  Over 100 churches are represented in our student body; and, in accord with our open enrollment policy, many students do not have a church home.

 19.   Who makes policy decisions for the school?

ECS is a not-for-profit, tax-exempt corporation.  A board of directors; consisting of parents of current students, pastors, and community leaders; governs ECS.  Day-to-day operations are the responsibility of the Head of School and administrative leadership team.