We are officially accepting registration forms for our 16/17 freshman class – the pioneer class of Evansville Christian High School!  ECS is fully accredited by the State of Indiana, ACSI, and AdvancED.  All teachers are licensed, including those at the high school level, and our ISTEP Scores are among the top 5% of all schools in the State.

We encourage interested students/families to contact our office to arrange a tour, ask questions, and learn more about this next exciting chapter in God’s plan for ECS.  Below are links to the required enrollment forms.  All forms should be returned (as a full complete re-registration packet) to our office at the East campus, along with the Commitment and Registration fee of $200 (per family).

For 16/17, freshman year course offerings will include:

  • English 9 (2 credits)
  • Biology I (2 credits)
  • Math (Algebra I, Geometry, or other) (2 credits)
  • Bible (2 credits)
  • PE (2 credits)
  • Foreign Language (Spanish 1 or 2) (2 credits)
  • Elective option to be determined (2 credits)
    • The 9th grade math/elective form will follow soon after registration
  • Study Hall/Online Elective (e.g. Health and Wellness, Personal Finance, etc…) (1 credit)
  • Lunch

For 9th grade, it is important to know:

  • ECHS will offer Core40 and Academic Honors diploma tracks.
  • The 16/17 freshmen will be at the Cullen campus, then will transition to the new building for the 17/18 year.
  • Tuition will be the same as 8th grade for 16/17, and will stay the same as 8th grade for all four years (meaning the only change in tuition would be any annual increase in 8th grade tuition as a result of rate changes).
  • Vouchers, SGO grants, multi-student discounts, and other discounts apply at the high school level.

Enrollment Process and Forms

The enrollment process, tuition & fees, and affordability options are the same for 9th grade as our PK-8th grade school (click on the appropriate link for more information).  To apply for ECHS, the following forms are required:

New Student Enrollment Materials:

Current Student RE-REGISTRATION Materials:

Other Materials:


If you have any questions, please contact us at (812) 477-7777.